Here’s a belly-reducing health drink recipe following a different approach and giving us some novel fat-loss health drink ideas. Some good info in the main article to help you see why this different approach can help.

Check out the recipe below for yourself and let us all know what you think…

The Sassy water concept lays on the fact that human organism needs at least 8 glasses of water a day so it can function normally. Of course, this quantity is only an orientation because the need for liquids varies from one person to another depending on the body activities.

Because of that reason, during the 4 key days, at the beginning of Flat belly diet it is recommended to drink the whole portion given by the recipe. Also, it is recommended to eat fruit and vegetables that contain great amount of water. The right hydration of the body helps in balancing the levels of body liquids and stops constipation and flatulence of the intestines.

In order to make this plan work, it is important that during these 4 days you avoid taking sweets, snacks, oily and caloric food, and turn to healthy ingredients, smaller portions of meals and body activities.

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