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[RECIPE] Healthy Green Smoothie Treat – Low Sugar

I just ran across this cool low-sugar green smoothie recipe from Jill (at - She shares a recipe from her "Sugar-Free September" series. Not that this is entirely "sugar-free"! She chooses recipes which will deliver a tasty treat, sweetened by fruit with high natural sugar content. You can get some good ideas here of…

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[RECIPE] 5 Tips to Beat the 3 pm Sugar-Low Slump

I don't know about you, but by mid-afternoon I frequently find tiredness suddenly hits, my energy levels dip, I lose concentration, and even the simplest of tasks defeats me, to the point where I'm falling asleep at my computer.  I need a break and some fuel, so I reach for something fast - and usually…

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[Recipe] Tropical Smoothie with Sugar-Balancing Yogurt and Oats

  Tropical flavors are always popular in smoothies. And this tasty contribution is from Sylvie at GourmandeInTheKitchen. You’ll find the recipe over on the next page. Getting the right balance for a healthy smoothie is important, especially if you want to watch your calorie intake, or need to avoid too much sugar – even if…

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