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[Recipe] 10 Diabetic-Friendly Smoothies

 We’ve written before about smoothies for diabetics in 5 Strategies for Smoothies for Diabetics and 5 Smoothies for Diabetics.We wrote these posts as we are always being asked if a smoothie recipe is suitable for diabetics. We wanted to give you something you could take to your medical professional to discuss if a specific recipe was…

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[Recipe] 5 Smoothies for Diabetics

Each of these 5 smoothies for diabetics is as delicious as any smoothie - not like some diabetic products I’ve tasted! And although these are aimed at those with diabetes or pre-diabetes, there is nothing anyone without the condition would miss. They are tasty, healthy, nutrient-rich, full of fiber, sweet but low in sugar and…

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[RECIPE] Green Smoothie for Diabetics

I found this cool recipe by Rebecca Bohl - a green smoothie for diabetics - where she shares just how easy smoothies are to make, and how, by making them at home, you can control exactly how much sugar and carbs go into them. As a diabetic, you'll want to focus on low glycemic foods - which…

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