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[Video Recipe] Pineapple Grape Smoothie – Good for Arthritis

I just ran across this cool recipe (with video) great for long-term bone building as well as for easing the symptoms of arthritis. They include some detail on how these work in your body, but in any case it’s really a refreshing & creative recipe to add some great new ideas for your own smoothie recipes. Here's…

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[Recipe] Chocolate Ginger n Cherry Smoothie from 150 Cals

  I love ginger, especially when it is covered in chocolate. Mmm! However, while that may be the best way to eat it, it’s not the most healthy – unfortunately, lol! What about chocolate covered cherries? OK, I'd better stop drooling and get on with this post … Smoothies can be drool-worthy, too. Try this…

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[Recipe] Vibrant Beet and Orange Juice Smoothie

  Weighing in at just 150 calories, this vibrant, sweet, beet and orange juice is a lovely combination and can help you lose weight as part of a healthy eating plan. Drink well chilled and enjoy the stimulating, yet mellow, flavors. High in Vitamin C, fiber and minerals, a single serving of beets can boost…

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