This new report guides your choice of alcoholic drinks for losing weight this summer. It’s only too easy to go with refreshing old favorites – like a piña colada – and undo your good progress in controlling or losing weight.

Here’s a useful guide covering 5 good choices to make and 6 bad choices to avoid to help keep you on track.

Sorry, but according to the guide…

Piña coladas are not your friend.

We live for our happy hour dates but by doing so, are we derailing our diet? When it comes to watching calories and weight control, alcohol can actually be a major foe, no matter how badly we need that cocktail.

“When it comes to weight loss, the number one factor affecting the waist line is how many calories we consume. Weight gain happens when we consume more calories than we burn, whereas weight loss happens when we burn off more calories than we use,” says Rene Ficek, a registered dietitian and lead nutrition expert at Seattle Sutton’s Healthy Eating.

Alcoholic beverages can be very high in calories and easily lead to weight gain. It’s perfectly fine to have a cocktail or two, but if you aren’t careful, it can easily add hundreds of calories to your daily intake.

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