Month: October 2017

[Recipe] Strawberry Breakfast Smoothie

  Another tasty strawberry smoothie. However, why do you say 'breakfast smoothie' I hear you ask? Because it has many of the healthy ingredients we might choose to have for breakfast, of course! But you can have it at any other time of day, too, lol. Increase the orange flavor by adding the grated zest…

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[Recipe] Krista’s Cafe Mocha Smoothie

  I like a cup of coffee first thing in the morning. However, I rarely make a coffee smoothie for breakfast. It’s not that I’d don’t make them, but I’ll often do one for lunch, especially if I’m late having lunch and feeling tired. I know it’s a great pick-me-up if I’ve still loads to…

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[Recipe] Canadian Blueberry Maple Smoothie from 105 Cals

  I came across this recipe for a delicious blueberry smoothie, made with British Columbian highbush blueberries, and … well … I'm reminded what assuming does for you. As they say: it makes as ass of you and me! (Assume – ass-u-me.) In other words, I’m about to show my ignorance. (Sad face!) The article…

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[Recipe] A Healthy Pink Smoothie from 130 Calories

  I love the flavor combination of raspberry and coconut and if you do, too, then you have four coconut ingredient options here! This is a delicious-tasting healthy pink smoothie. It’s full of Vitamin C, fiber, healthy fats and protein. All of these are not only good for you but will help you feel comfortably…

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[Recipe] Chocolate Ginger n Cherry Smoothie from 150 Cals

  I love ginger, especially when it is covered in chocolate. Mmm! However, while that may be the best way to eat it, it’s not the most healthy – unfortunately, lol! What about chocolate covered cherries? OK, I'd better stop drooling and get on with this post … Smoothies can be drool-worthy, too. Try this…

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