Month: July 2017

[Recipe] 2 Cherry Berry Smoothies from 115 Calories

  This delicious cherry and berry smoothie is from Dina Honké at OliveOilAndLemons. The recipe is on the next page. However, you may wish to read on to learn how to be kind to your body and avoid a sugar-high. Berries are packed full of nutrients and tangy flavor, and are low in calories. Cherries,…

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[Recipe] Blueberry Coconut Smoothie from 140 Calories

  Another delicious smoothie recipe to enjoy, based on wild blueberries. This time it is from competitive cook, multi award-winning home cook and Chopped Champion Lisa Keys who writes at GoodGriefCook – linked on the next page following the recipe. It’s interesting researching these recipes. I have found not only moms who love to feed…

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[Recipe] 2 Protein-Rich Banana Smoothies

  Protein is crucial for our bodies. Every part of us uses protein, from our blood that carries the life-giving oxygen we need, to our cells, to our muscles, bones and hormones, to name a few. Literally every function of our body is controlled by proteins. So we need good sources of protein in all…

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