Month: June 2017

[Recipe] Chocolate Banana Smoothie

  A chocolate banana smoothie, what else? This tasty variation on a chocolate and banana smoothie recipe is from Lucy at TheKitchenMaid.  Lucy adds tahini and a mix of seeds and nuts.  The details are on the next page, as always. Click the ‘Next Page’ button below to go straight there. I must confess to…

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[Recipe] A Tasty Blackcurrant Smoothie

  This delicious blackcurrant smoothie recipe comes from Lucy at BakingQueen74. The recipe is on the next page. But first a little bit about blackcurrants. As a child living in Scotland I remember picking fresh blackcurrants from the bush in my Granny’s garden. The delicious tartness of these berries was very refreshing on a warm…

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[Recipe] Lightly Spicy Ginger Pineapple Smoothie

  This is a delicious sweet, yet lightly spicy smoothie from Linley Richter at FitFoodieFinds. (If you prefer to add lots of ginger then it will be a deliciously sweet, yet hot spicy smoothie!) As always, the recipe details are on the next page. Slide down to the ‘next page’ button if you are in…

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