Month: June 2017

[Recipe] Tropical Blackcurrant Smoothie from 130 Calories

  I recently wrote a post for a Blackcurrant Pineapple Smoothie from 130 Calories that I made when clearing out my refrigerator. It was so tasty. Well, I have another recipe using blackcurrants which are my current favorite smoothie addition! It also uses Skyr, a (usually) low-fat, mild-tasting Icelandic cheese/yogurt. My staples for making smoothies are…

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[Recipe] Fruity Orange n Mango Smoothie

  This is a refreshing fruit-only smoothie and will be good at any time on a warm day, especially well-chilled. Mango and orange can be quite tangy but the edge is taken off it with the addition of a sweet, ripe banana. The recipe is from Tania at Cooktoria and the details are on the…

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