Month: May 2017

[Recipe] Lexi’s Creamy Mounds Smoothie

  This tasty smoothie is creamy and filling, full of coconut, chocolate, and other healthy ingredients. Yet it is only about 225 calories. Drink it all yourself for breakfast or lunch, share it, or have it as two smaller snacks. Work it into your healthy eating weight loss plan. The smoothie is reminiscent of a…

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[Recipe] Leftovers Fruit Smoothie Plus Formula

  I wanted to clear out the refrigerator this morning so used some leftovers in my morning breakfast smoothie – and came up with a surprisingly tasty smoothie. But then I should have expected that with the ingredients I found. I’m trying to watch the calories which means I put those little extra bits and…

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[Recipe] Simple Mango Smoothie from 175 Calories

  A delicious and simple 3- or 4-ingredient mango smoothie. The choice is yours. Choose dairy milk and increase the protein. Choose almond or coconut milk and add protein with oats or hemp hearts. Any way, this is a tasty recipe from Gayle at PumpkinNSpice. The recipe is on the next. Scroll down to ‘Next…

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