Month: March 2017

[Recipe] Tasty Coconut Berry Smoothie

  This tasty smoothie is based on a recipe from Tiffany at LeCremeDeLaCrumb and you’ll find the details at the end of the post. Raspberries and blackberries can be a little more tart than other fruits making a deliciously refreshing smoothie. The recipe uses coconut milk and you can choose which you use: from a…

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[Recipe] An Energy-Boosting Butterscotchy Smoothie

  The end of winter is in sight! Energy levels are often low at this time of year, so we’ve got an energy-boosting smoothie today. This tasty smoothie recipe is from Alissa at ConnoisseurusVeg and the details are at the end of the post as usual. It’s a filling, energy-boosting recipe containing peanut butter and…

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[Recipe] Immune-Boosting Pear Oat n Kefir Smoothie

  We have a family celebration on the weekend. Unfortunately one of the kids visiting has recently had chickenpox and the parents are expecting it to run it’s course through the rest. A compromised immune system can leave adults open to the related virus, shingles, so I want to make sure our immune systems are running at…

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