Month: September 2016

[Recipe] Banana Berry Layered Smoothie

    I never cease to be amazed at the variations you can make for smoothies – even with the same ingredients! A few fresh healthy ingredients full of nutrients and flavor, a tall glass, a straw … simplicity itself! Oh and, of course, the blender. This can be a simple wand blender or a…

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[Recipe] Anna’s Anemia-Beating Beet Berry Smoothie

    I always love to hear people’s stories. Link that with my interest in smoothies and healthy eating and I’m doubly happy. Since childhood, Anna at CrunchyCreamySweet has had a history of anemia. She had the blessing of a grandmother who took food lore seriously and helped her beat it with beets – I…

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[Recipe] Save Calories with this Almond Joy Smoothie

  Enjoy this delicious 4-ingredient chocolatey coconut almond smoothie that tastes just like an almond joy chocolate bar but with just a fraction of the calories. Have it for breakfast or as a snack. I thought it also tasted good enough to have as dessert. However it is a thin mix, so adding a tablespoon…

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