Month: September 2016

[Recipe] Jenn’s Purple Powerhouse Smoothie

I came across this fun and flexible way to get a hearty dose of fruit and veggies - Jenn Laughlin's Purple Powerhouse Smoothie! Simple recipe, easy to prep, good to look at, delicious to taste!   Beets, banana, blueberries, and kale make a wonderful combo! Jenn describes her reaction to her first experiment with this recipe...…

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[Recipe] Angela’s Favorite Banana & Mint Cream Smoothie

This deliciously minty, creamy taste is soooo good, you'll not believe its good for you! It's a favorite from Angela (at to remind you of Christmas at any time of year... This one is low-calorie and a super healthy treat for folks controlling their diet or aiming to change their eating habits. And there's even a “something” extra variation... Easily…

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