Month: August 2016

[Recipe] Ice-Cold Protein-Rich Mocha Coconut Smoothie

  It's still hot and an ice-cold Mocha would go down a treat right about now. I love 'em … but we’re into improving our diet. Right? No more zero-nutrient calories is the plan. So what about some of the things we have loved and now avoid. Does that mean we can never taste them…

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[Recipe] Strawberry Rhubarb Chia Smoothie

    Now this was not my first thought for a smoothie. I’ve been making smoothies for ages and used all sorts of delicious fruits. But rhubarb? I love it in pies, in crumbles, in tarts, but in a smoothie? However, it needs loads of sugar to be palatable, I thought. So is it not…

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[Recipe] Best & Worst Smoothie Ingredients

    Are you making healthy smoothies or are they not as healthy as you thought they were? We came across this article from Breana Lai, M.P.H., R.D. at EatingWell, in which she lists the: Best high-proteins to use in your smoothie – I was surprised to see how many variations of milk were on…

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