Month: June 2016

[Recipe] Simply Buttermilk and Nectarine Smoothie

  Ok, and a tiny bit of maple syrup, lol! With a nutritional value similar to milk, buttermilk is classed as low-fat when made with 1% milk and reduced-fat when made with 2% milk. The latter generally has slightly higher nutritional content than the low fat. Shira Isenberg writing at LiveStrong says … As a…

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[Recipe] Jemma’s Carrot Cake Smoothie

  Did you know carrots come in white, yellow, red and purple as well as the usual orange with which we are all familiar? The carotene is stable whether eating carrots raw or cooked, so long as they are not over-cooked. And as well as being good for the eyes, the cardiovascular system also benefits…

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