Month: February 2016

[Recipe] Rainbow Red Smoothie

I seem to be being constantly reminded everywhere I look these days to eat a varied diet, including different colors of fruits and veggies to maximize the nutrients my body requires. Some nutrients are common to many, but others are specific to a particular color or variety. So I'm glad I came across this series of Susan’s rainbow…

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[RECIPE] Freezer Pack Fast Smoothie

Who else finds it hard to keep their weight on track? One thing that helps us a lot is to make it easier to stick to our meal plan than to deviate from it... How do we do that? Here's a tried and tested approach along with helpful instructions from Amber Brady (Dessert Now, Dinner Later!). In the…

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[Recipe] Rainbow Orange Smoothie

We’ve got to the third in Susan’s rainbow of healthy smoothies. We’re looking at different colored smoothies and the varying nutrients that go with the different colors because a varied diet is a healthy diet. Try a different smoothie each day of the week. (The recipe is at the end.) Susan blogs at SimpleHealthyKitchen and…

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