Month: February 2016

[Recipe] Switch It Up Overnight Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal Smoothie

Overnight oatmeal, summer porridge, muesli, refrigerator oatmeal, smoothie bowl … whatever you want to call it, it looks good and it tastes good and IS sooooo good for you :o) But I’m into smoothies these days, so I thought what if I switch up my overnight oatmeal and make it into a smoothie. How difficult…

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[Recipe] Ashley’s Rainbow Smoothie

This smoothie from Ashley at is her ‘rainbow’ smoothie. However, she is the first to admit it looks nothing like a rainbow! She says it’s the rainbow of ingredients that gives the smoothie it’s name. She just loves to include as many colors as she can in a smoothie to get all the benefits…

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[Recipe] Power-Up in the Morning with this Energy Smoothie

I frequently need an energy boost to power me up and get me going in the morning. This nutrient-packed, delicious smoothie from Rowena at fits the bill nicely, thank you very much. With it’s healthy fats, protein and fiber, not to mention vitamins and minerals, any nutritionist would be happy to recommend it. Rowena…

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