Month: January 2016

[Recipe] Flatten that Tummy Fast

There are a variety of gas and bloat relieving recipes out there. Find the one, or maybe even more, that works best for you then investigate how to keep a Happy Gut! For it’s not pleasant suffering with it - not to mention the frustration of not knowing if you will fit into that skirt…

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[RECIPE] Becky’s Totally Tropical Green Smoothie

Many of us too easily slip into less healthy eating habits at this time of year. From the caramel apples of fall to christmas cookies, we face tasty temptations everywhere. And on top of that, comfort food cravings are strongest in winter…The challenge to keep to our healthy meal plan is as great as at any other season! So…

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[RECIPE] Sunny Breakfast Booster Smoothie

A cheer-you-up smoothie? Well, there’s certainly no persuasion needed to enjoy this simple succulent booster smoothie! Great for breakfast. Good at any other meal time too... Its one of the things I love best - finding, trying and adapting healthy smoothies, then sharing them with the family - and of course you folks who come to read these…

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