Month: August 2015

[RECIPE] Martha’s Banana Oat Smoothie

A simple smoothie classic this time - from one of the best-known lifestyle personalities in the country! Low calorie, low-carb. So your waistline is safe! Great flavor, with a gorgeous, exciting texture, with a hint of a crunch! So you're sure to enjoy this delicious smoothie recipe... It’ll sure get your creative juices flowing too,…

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[RECIPE] Here’s a Treat – Grilled Peach Smoothie

I'm always on the look out for great smoothie recipes and tips - for myself as well as to pass on to everyone here... and today I found Shareba Abdul's "In Search of Yummyness" website. Shariba has a few smoothie tips & recipe articles on here website, each with something unusual - her uniquely creative…

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Best 10 Weight-Loss Smoothie Tips, Ever?

Something special for you today - 10 key tips for healthier, slimmer diet based on what you regularly drink - real "DrinkMeHealthy"! This'll be right up your street if you are a green smoothie lover or juicing fan...or anyone wanting more fruit & vegetables in their diet... You'll find here the 10 key tips followed by…

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