Month: June 2015

[RECIPE] Amazingly Delicious High-Protein Smoothie

How about this cool high-protein smoothie recipe - surprisingly delicious with these highly nutritious ingredients? Just the bare bones of a recipe, but I'm sure your creative juices will be on the move and you'll come up with some great new ideas for your own smoothie recipe variations. Check out the recipe on the Next Page.…

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[RECIPE] Easy Sleep Tip – Incredibly Effective

Ever have difficulty getting a good night's sleep? Here's a surprisingly simple sleep tip from a mix of ingredients everyone has in the kitchen. Not only simple, but amazingly effective. Not only effective for overcoming sleeplessness, but a whole range of other health benefits too. Read on for the low-down... Sugar and salt may seem like…

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[RECIPE] Summer Fat Burner with Cucumber And Ginger Smoothie

I just found this cool cucumber and ginger smoothie recipe aimed at burning off excess belly fat quickly. Good in preparation for summer holidays... They give a brief intro claiming this combination of ingredients contribute to the removal of piled fat in the body prevent water retention provides a perfect solution for cleansing the liver It's a…

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