Month: May 2015

[VIDEO] How to Make Your Own Fitness Drink for After a Workout

What should you take as a post-workout fitness drink? And what should you definitely avoid as a post-workout fitness drink? Great answer on this video from Mike Dirks Mike's interview with Nutritionist Rachel shows how to make your own fitness drink, easily and cheaply. Discover why some popular “off the shelf” fitness drinks may…

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[VIDEO] 3 Music Secrets You Wish You Knew A Year Ago

This is different! I discovered this fascinating expert interview by David Granet MD, University of California Television (UCTV). With experts Aniruddh Patel PhD (The Neurosciences Institute), and Barbara Reuer PhD (Resounding Joy®), David reveals insights into the impact of music on our health - in particular how your brain responds to music and can be a…

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5 Ingredients for a Fast-acting Belly-Fat Reducing Smoothie

I just found this fat-reducing smoothie recipe on where they share some enlightening tips on how a 5-fruit smoothie works to help you shed excess weight  - and tastes great! In just a few paragraphs you’ll discover which fruits naturally fight fat, reduce food cravings and increase calorie burning. Check out the smoothie below,…

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