I found this cool juice recipe and thought of you! They claim it can provide best relief from feeling bloated. (Assuming your bloating is not caused by a colon disorder of course…)

I didn’t know there were so many possible causes of bloating – did you? Anyway, they list 12 foods or eating habits that can contribute to your discomfort, and I’ve included the list on the next page.

You’ll find the recipe following that.

Are you prone to bloating? Have you ever started a day with a flat stomach and as the day progresses, you feel so bloated, feeling full and tight?

Bloating is the result of excessive gas produced in the intestinal tract. There are many possible causes for this condition — like swallowing air, overeating, constipation, PMS, imbalanced intestinal flora, medications, IBS or other colon disorders.

Most of the time, with some adjustments to your diet, you can reduce/eliminate this bloating feeling.

Here’s the 12 reasons why they suggest you may be feeling bloated…

These simple foods and habits can stop bloating. Are you using any of these?